Mom’s Day Out :)

Every Mom needs a break once in a while and I guess that was the thing I forgot for being a mom for 3 years now. For 3 years, I sacrificed a lot for my son, Jayden Marcus. We are inseparable. One of the main reason is that because I breastfed him for 3 years and still counting.


Did I regret it? Of course not! Because breastfeeding makes him healthy and smart as He is now. 🙂


When I got an invite from Sun Life Financial for their Mom’s Day Out event I hesitated at first because the guilt feeling of leaving my son for my own happiness strikes me but eventually I accepted it.

Good thing about this event is that I have learned a lot from it.

First is from the talk “The Balanced Motherhood” given by Ms. Michelle Alignay, a Family Specialist.


From being a MOM (Master of Multitasking) to a MOM (Master of Myself). I have learned to value my worth not just being a Mom but being a woman I am. I learned to balance everything and take care of myself as well. From that learning, I know I will become a more effective mom.




Second, is the reality of  “If am I ready to send Jayden to the best school in college?” Well, for that question I definitely say NO and thanks to Ms. Mylene Segismundo who become my eye opener on the importance of an educational plan and how to build it.


Will definitely consider getting one educational plan for Jayden soon. 🙂

After the talks given by the speakers, Sun Life surprised us with raffle prizes, a dinner buffet and a very relaxing spa at IM Onsen Spa. 🙂

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It was a very relaxing Day Out indeed! I love every activities  Sun Life has prepared for us. IM Onsen Spa is the best and the most relaxing spa I’ve ever been in to.

Thanks to Sun Life for treating a busy mom like me. 🙂

After the event, I decided to watch the video of Sun Life “She said, She said ” by Nic Reyes.  A story about a busy single mom who worked very hard for her daughter’s future. This video really touches me because I know how hard my Mama worked for us during our childhood days. She often neglected her own happiness for the sake of our family and for that I salute my mom for raising us and by ensuring us our future always. She is my Queen and I’m her fan. I love her so much! 🙂

My Wonder Mom Bella 🙂

For mommies like me with 7 yo below kids, who want to experience the same relaxation day out I had with Sun Life.  You can join them on their next Mom’s Day Out events on July 1 or July 15. To register kindly email Harrvie Monroyo at

Learn more about what Sun Life and what they have to offer thru 


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