Reshape the future today at THE FUTURE CITY: An Interactive Digital Park

An extraordinary learning experience awaits young and the young-at- heart at the
Future City. Put your seatbelts on as we take off to the future and explore how we
can help reshape your child’s future today through one-of- a-kind interactive
installations that will put your eyes and minds in awe.

Open for just one weekend, The Future Park together with NESTLÉ NANKID
OPTIPRO FOUR,—a milk designed specifically for your child’s growth and
development that helps secure your child’s healthy future through the power of
Optimized Protein, launches FUTURE CITY: An Interactive Digital Park.

Last September 9-10, this pioneering digital park opens its doors to guests as a way
to educate and empower children and their parents about how their decisions today,
can affect their future.

Future City uses technologies from all over the globe. The park contains 6 unique
and engaging stations that will give guests the chance to participate in one-of- a-kind
experiences that will surely nurture the minds of the kids and kids at heart.

The Future City visually illustrates how science has become the blueprint for
brighter, safer future for our children. Guests can begin their exploration and
discovery at the Future Dome where they will be given a glimpse of the technological
advances that will soon define future cities—from towering smart skyscrapers, solar
powered walls, interactive cityscapes, and autonomous vehicles.

Visitors of Future City will be given access to several stations that will surely broaden
the mind. A Sketch Village where the patterns you color come to life, a Checkpoint
where you can assess your future health, and interactive walls and floors featuring
digital games.

After the guests go through these stations, seeing what the future can be and how it
can be affected with the choices and lifestyle we make, from there, they will be
ushered into a room that highlights an interactive wall demonstrating the evolution of
science for nutrition and development, and how scientific advances have helped
secure a child’s healthy future.

A big point of apprehension about the future, especially for parents, is their child’s
health. Family history plays a big part in determining what diseases and conditions
will be inherited by their kids and educating yourself about what can be done to
prevent these from being passed on is the key to ensuring your child’s better future
health. To that end, the Family Health Screener can help parents assess these
possibilities, which will also be unveiled at the pop-up interactive digital park.

All in all, the Future City is a fitting fusion of interactive material and abstract
concepts demonstrated in a visual and engaging way for kids and the kids at heart to
appreciate and enjoy.

The interactive nature of The Future City is central to the entire exhibit’s message,
not just in terms of technology and infrastructure, but for bigger and far more
essential choices for your child’s health and development. Exploring the science
behind the different elements that drive our lives—the environment we move in, the
things we eat, the activities we do—it helps us understand just how relevant all these
our to securing a brighter, safer, healthier future for generations to come.

Never settle for anything less especially when it comes to your child. Give your child
optimum nutrition and reshape their future today.

Future City: An Interactive Digital Park is an event by The Future Park, sponsored by
Nestlé NANKID Optipro. Future City: An Interactive Digital Park opens door to public
last September 9-10, 2017 (Saturday to Sunday), 10:00 am to 9:00 pm at the SMX
Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig City.

NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR is not a breastmilk substitute. It is a powdered milk drink
suitable for healthy children above 3 years of age.

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